What You Missed If You Had No Choice But To Mute The TNT Telecast

I've tried reading these backwards, in Spanish and through the Ali G tranzlata, but no luck deciphering the wisdom... 

Clampett on the weak spot in Tiger Woods’ golf game: “If there is a weak point in Tiger (Woods’) game, that is his weakest point, the little boring, blasé chip off the green. I don’t think it’s tough enough to get his attention.”

Kratzert: “You had to look deep for that weakness, didn’t you?”

The Martin and Lewis of golf.

Clampett on Ernie Els making a birdie from the bunker on the first hole:  “When (Els) was 14 years old and a tennis star and then switched to golf, he asked his dad to blow out the tennis court in the backyard and build a chipping green with a bunker…guess that practice paid off.”

Ha! Good one!

Clampett on the ovation McIlroy received at the conclusion of his round:  “What a moment.”

Johnson: “Don’t wake up kid.  Wow, what a day.”

Clampett: “(Rory McIroy's) going to be a name to remember for a long time.”

Johnson:  “A couple of years ago he stopped playing junior events.  He’s with the big guys now and more than holding his own.”

Goose bumps.

Clampett on Toru Taniguchi (+1): “(Toru Taniguchi) may be the most confident man in the field with back-to-back wins in Japan coming in (to Carnoustie).”

How could you forget Monty!