"There's a buzz in the locker room regarding the point system."

Trevor Immelman, quoted by Len Ziehm in the Chicago Sun Times, talking about the FedEx Cup:

''I'm paying attention now because I'm just outside the top 30,'' he said. ''This is the point where players start paying attention to it. There's a buzz in the locker room regarding the point system. Everyone wants to be a part of it.''

While the system has its critics, Immelman said the players have gotten behind it.

''The point system is what it is,'' he said. ''The guys embraced it because the decision [to use it] has been made. We need to go ahead to make this a success, and everything the PGA Tour has done has been a success.''

That's right, the Tournament Players Championship The Players Championship The PLAYERS PLAYERS is the fifth of golf's four majors.

Ed Sherman looked at the likelihood of players entering all of the playoff events after sweating out half their body weight in Tulsa and Akron. 

The PGA Tour is hopeful. It knows if Woods and Mickelson don't buy in at 100 percent, the FedEx Cup will feel more like the Standard Mail Cup.

"We want to see how it plays out," said Bob Combs, a senior vice president for the PGA Tour. "The top players have said they will play the entire stretch. You may have a player opt to sit out an event, but they will be putting their position at risk [in the playoffs]."

Of course, haven't we been told that they would be putting their position at risk unless they played more often? That doesn't seem like it's happening. Not yet anyway.