Driver Strikes Again*

Multiple sources confirm that USGA President Walter Driver has spearheaded the end of Marty Parkes' reign as Senior Director of Communications, effective at the end of the month immediately (*These USGA types really are going corporate. I wonder if he has to be monitored by a security guard too?)

Apparently Parkes should have prevented the recent Golf World cover story (cached link, old link no longer works) where Driver came off sounding less than shrewd. It is also believed that Parkes followed Executive Director David Fay's staff suggestion to put concerns about recent benefit cuts in writing to the Executive Committee.

That's two longtime staffers that Driver has overseen the exit of in the last week and both were reportedly high on his target list.

And no one believes he is done seeking retaliation for the Golf World story and other embarrassments during his presidency (there have been plenty). Apparently, looking inward would be too traumatic.