Notes From TNT...Friday Edition

2007pgalogo.gifGet out your thinking caps, deep revelations to follow, courtesy of TNT's PR department:

Bobby Clampett on Scott Verplank’s college nickname:  “(College teammates) nicknamed (Verplank) “Five” when he was in college after a five-star general and the way he would always take charge.  He is taking charge this week.”
You know, the research he does is just breathtaking.
Clampett’s thoughts on Verplank’s mindset: “I consider Scott (Verplank) one of the most self-motivated people I’ve ever met.”
Translation: he goes to PGA Tour bible study without Bobby reminding him!
Kostis on Jeff Sluman’s future plans: “(Sluman) is going to turn 50 and go out on the Champions Tour.  He’s going to win the PGA Senior Championship and come right back (to the PGA Championship) with an exemption.”
A reason to live.
Ernie Johnson on John Daly’s first round:  “I don’t know if we have enough paper or if the press center had enough paper for John Daly’s quotes after day one.”

That's why they don't use Underwood's anymore Ernie.

Clampett on watching Daly play:  “(Daly) is like a tight-rope walker with vertigo, you wonder what is going to happen next.”

Kind of like your announcing.