Okay, I Give Up! - Sunday PGA Blog Continued

I've tried to keep the live blog going but way too many technical issues made me have to end Sunday's and take down Saturday's for now. Thanks for your comments and interaction, it was fun and I'm sure Altcaster will work out the kinks because it's really cool software but definitely still in beta form.

So please post your profound thoughts below! At 2:42 we have a three man race! Tiger -8, Els -6, Austin -6, with Tiger in the back bunker on 13 in three!

2:43 - Unlike the other announcers, Macatee is not shy about pointing out the decline in Tiger's game since tweaking the eagle on 8. 

2:48 - Tiger taps in on 13 but looks gimpy as he walks off.  

2:52 - 6-iron from 222 on 14 for Tiger! 

3:01 - Tiger three putts 14, the lead is one over Austin and Els. 

3:03 - Kostis says Els has 96 yards for his third shot on 16, takes full, hard swing with what must be a 60 degree wedge and hits it 20 yards past the hole! Bogey. 

3:04 - I just noticed the American Express card on the leaderboard. Has that been there all week!? 

3:08 - In between the now relentless commercial breaks we see Tiger hit it pretty close on 15 (12 feet?) while Els bogies 16 and Austin is down the center of the par-4. 

3:13 - Woods birdies 15. Ian Baker Finch: "this man can really roll the potato."

3:16 - Driver gives it the full club twirl on 16 tee, and that should just about do it. Though Woody Austin hangs tough with a nice par save on 16 green

3:22 - Els pars 17 to stay 3 back, Tiger's on 16 with a relatively easy birdie putt. Austin is in 17 rough and misses the
green. No way Tiger can lose.

3:33 - Faldo apologizes for his earlier telecast comment about Woody Austin having the lights on but no one home. Did CBS tell him to do that? 

3:35 - Tiger in the middle of 17 green and it's over with Austin in trouble on 18. And the Crowne Plaza ad is the capper for me! Sayonara, looking forward to the post round analysis, it certainly was a lot more interesting than many thought it would be.