Could The Record Fall At St. Andrews In 2010?

When I saw the premise I thought Ron Sirak was desperate for a Tiger post-PGA column, but he actually makes the interesting point that if Tiger keeps up on this pace, he could be on target for a St. Andrews arrival with 18 majors in his pocket.

Let's say Woods does win two of the next three Masters. That would give him six green jackets, tying the all-time record held by Nicklaus. Let's say Tiger wins two of the next three U.S. Opens. That would give him four, tying the all-time record shared by Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Willie Anderson. And let's say he wins one of the next two PGA Championships. That would give him five, tying the record held by Nicklaus and Walter Hagen.

That means that Woods would go into the 2010 British Open at St. Andrews not only tied with Nicklaus at 18 majors, but also with the exact same breakdown: Six Masters, five PGA Championships, four U.S. Opens and three British Opens. And since Tiger already has Nicklaus beaten in U.S. Amateur titles -- three to two -- it would indisputably make Woods the most dominant golfer in the history of the game.