"I don't understand how it all works"

Thomas Bonk looks at the FedEx Cup and seems pretty sure Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will be skipping the Barclay's. And he featured this from Phil:

"I don't understand how it all works," he said. "And certainly there are some things that can be done in the coming years to make it better. But it's the first year and you're never going to have it perfect the first year. It's kind of an evolutionary thing."

Meanwhile Sam Weinman talks to Padraig Harrington who sounds like he is really pumped up about it too.

"I could use a break," Harrington said. "Ideally, we'd play the first two weeks and then a week off, and then the last one. For guys like me, this FedExCup gives me a chance, because if I get hot at the end of the year, I could win it. And four weeks off is not the end of the world. But with all that's gone on with me the last few weeks, I could use a break."