U.S. Amateur Final Stories

506-t.gifI think outgoing USGA President Walter Driver--exhausted from a week hammering away at his Blackberry while being shuttled around Olympic Club (it's tough to type in that damp air)--really needs to look into a TV career. Did you see how Jimmy Roberts set him up for the winner's on-air trophy presentation, "and now here to present the trophy to Colt Knost, USGA President Walter Driver."

And in that uncanny Hord Hardin way of bungling the television spotlight, Driver then introduced himself. "I'm Walter Driver and I'm president of the USGA."

Slick! I'm telling you, this man was made to be on television. 

Meanwhile they had a wild final match and Beth Murrison sums up Colt Knost's win.Sun_KnostInside1.jpg

Ken Klavon's "Here's To All The Non-Believers" was not targeted at those astounded that Knost could walk 37 holes at Olympic Club without an oxygen tank, but instead is a look at this late starter's unlikely rise to the top of amateur golf.

Alex Miceli looks at the incredibly gracious runner up, Michael Thompson. And the official site publishes some beautiful photos from John Mummert. I can't wait to see how they look blown up in Golf Jour...oops.