Women's Open Championship Round 3 Clippings

198060.jpgJohn Huggan files the Scotsman game story on Lorena Ochoa's six stroke lead:
Round in level par 73 - more than five shots better than the average score on a day when only three competitors broke par and 26 shot in the 80s - the Mexican played the world's most famous links in just the sort of canny way that would surely have pleased the great names of the past.
And this is fun about amateur Sally Watson...
"I had, like, 41 putts out there today," she whined, in the sort of mid-Atlantic accent teenagers unfortunately tend to pick up after only a few months stateside. "The greens were, like, so slow after the rain and I had, like, so many tricky putts. In the end I like found it hard to, like, trust myself. It was just so, like, windy out there."

There are no prizes for guessing which word this very self-assured young lady most needs to eliminate from her vocabulary. Unless she wants to be 'like Lorena,' of course.

Ron Sirak on the GolfDigest.com blog says that it's pretty amazing Women's British Open play could not find enough daylight in the first week of August to finish the opening rounds. He also notes that Michelle Wie has lost another caddy. She has now officially run twice as many loopers as Spinal Tap went through drummers.