"Every week you hear fewer and fewer cynical comments."

Stewart Cink writes a PGATour.com blog entry that the Ponte Vedra Blackberry brigade will surely will pass around, but I'm not sure if it's an accurate barometer for judging player reaction to the FedEx Cup.

I think what we can do is look at the tournaments that started two weeks after the PGA last year and go on those four in a row and look at the fields in those tournaments versus these four events.

We've got better television. The fields don't compare. We've got big purses. We've got big time golf, and all we did was move the tournaments that are in the FedExCup now from their current dates.
I think if you look at it like that, the FedExCup has been an overwhelming success. Now, we've got little nitpickers here and there, and I've got some issues of my own that I'd like to see changed, but overall I think it's been very successful. Every week you hear fewer and fewer cynical comments.

Who knew Stewart was so funny? Great player, policy board member and now stand up comedian.

By the way, I have officially given up posting all of the columns and stories critiquing what's wrong with the FedEx Cup. And the darn thing isn't even over yet. Just wait until no one has anything to write about in a few weeks!

Overall, I think the guys that framed this whole thing out did a very good job, and looking back, hindsight is really easy to use, but it would have been tough to make it any better on the first try.

Framed eh? Who knew the Tour had gone into that business too.

Meanwhile, Gary Van Sickle files yet another FedEx Cup critique and as always makes some sound points, including this biggy:

Now that we've been through it once, it looks like the playoff point system may be too limiting. Only six players really have a chance at the Cup in the current system — the four who win the playoff tournaments, and the top two seeded players. Nobody outside that group is likely to earn the title without winning twice. That suddenly makes the series seem a little less exciting, don't you think?