“Tournament competition is one of the most important and certainly the most visible area of our business."

logo_header_LPGA.gifHere's a newsflash from Daytona Beach:

Sept. 7, 2007 –Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Commissioner Carolyn F. Bivens has

 Excuse me, is the "F." new? Does have more brand gravitas, I must say. Sorry, continue...

announced that Jane Geddes has been promoted to LPGA vice president of competition, effective Sept. 1.  Geddes recently held the position of senior director of tournament business affairs.

One vice president added, just 700 more to catch the PGA Tour.

I am pleased Jane will assume a leadership role in the area of LPGA competition,” said Bivens.  “Tournament competition is one of the most important and certainly the most visible area of our business. 

And here I thought streaming upward brand dynamic models was the most visible area of LPGA business.

It not only impacts the LPGA players who compete week-in and week-out, but also impacts our fans and sponsors attending the tournaments, as well as the online and broadcast experiences.  Jane will lead our tournament officials and operations team, ensuring that the venues and the staging of events are optimal for maximum fan enjoyment and showcasing the very best golfers in the world.”

As vice president of competition, Geddes will oversee the selection and set up of all LPGA Tour golf courses and facilities, as well as the conduct of the competition, from the membership regulations process through the holing of the last putt.  She also will serve as the LPGA liaison to the recently acquired Duramed Futures Tour on matters regarding venues, competition and membership regulations.

Sounds like a job for about 9 people.

“I am excited about my new role since this is an opportunity to use my experiences as a player and, most recently, in tournament business, to further enhance the LPGA tournament experience for our players, our sponsors and our fans,” said Geddes. 

Today's key word: experience. How long before they start changing tournament names to the the ADT Experience?