Norman Begins Brand Rebuiding By Sitting With Chrissy Even Though He Really Doesn't Like Tennis

1786736.jpgHave you seen those shots of the Shark sitting with Chris Evert at the U.S. Open, looking like he's just been told that video of his hemorroid surgery is going to be posted on YouTube?

Of course, it looks like he's about to write a really big check judging by the smirk on his ex-wife's attorney (left).

From the Palm Beach Post:

As a Stuart judge declared the marriage all but dissolved and gave back Laura Norman her maiden name of Andrassy, the 58-year-old left the courthouse in tears hidden by thick, rhinestoned Chanel sunglasses.

"I don't know how they all sleep at night," she sobbed, referring to Norman and his attorneys. "I just don't know."

Seconds later, it was Norman's turn to leave the courthouse. The Great White Shark smiled.

"I'm happy," he said, impeccable in a dark suit and light-blue tie that matched his eyes. "Justice was served."

The two-time British Open winner, 52, then talked enthusiastically of his future, in which he could see himself settle quickly with another woman and repair the damage that the divorce did to his image.

Norman took umbrage with a recent Page Two report on court documents that showed Laura tried to buy lunch in Manhattan last month - and found her credit cards canceled by Greg's people.

"There were some things said during this process that weren't true," said Norman, who's romantically linked to former tennis superstar Chris Evert. "I never cut off her credit cards. Some damage was done with sensational headlines. I got questions from people. There's always two sides to a story."