"One torture is substituted for another."

Reader Jack Sprat correctly notes that with the greens demise at East Lake comes the Tour's makeshift clinic/pro-am, where "one torture is substituted for another."

Sounds like a great chance for the boys to interract with MBA types...

Wednesday pro-am
Despite the cancellation, tournament officials have scheduled activities for Wednesday to bring a unique and worthwhile experience to pro-am participants.  All 30 players in THE TOUR Championship field will honor their commitment to the pro-am by participating in a Q&A session in the morning, followed by the “Ultimate TOUR Clinic,” in which amateurs will cycle through three stations with PGA TOUR professionals for tips and instruction in driving, chipping and putting.  The day will conclude for amateurs at a luncheon and additional Q&A session with the TOUR players.

And just in case you boys thought you might fly back to Atlanta on Wednesday...think again, that's a morning clinic!

On a serious note, if the concept of playoff pro-am's was in fact one of Phil's beefs, this will not exactly make him more agreeable, will it?

Wait, no, Phil loves corporate America and interacting with pro-am types. I don't know what got into me.