Hawkins To Rory: You've Got A Friend

After this latest rendition of the "The Angry Golfer" column, I see James Taylor-Carole King style duet with John Hawkins and Rory Sabbatini perhaps opening the GWAA dinner at Augusta belting out a heartfelt rendition of You've Got A Friend:

When Sabbatini bailed out of last month's Target World Challenge with 18 holes to play, the anti-Rorys found their pigeon on a silver platter. No one seems to mind when John Daly quits on a tournament. Tour pros whip out lame excuses to withdraw from events all the time. We want these guys to be unboring, to speak their minds and show us some personality, then batter them like piñatas when they show their true colors or reveal a bit of candor. Call it the game's hypocritical oath.