Daly Withdraws, Bolstering Frivolous Lawsuit Claims**

jan18_daly_600x397.jpgIs it me or does that chronic pain specialist dude Jim Weathers actually look like Ian Poulter after a whole bunch of steroid injections? (Thanks htt for the image.)

Anyway, Mark Lamport-Stokes reports on the latest John Daly drama, this time at the Hope:
"It killed me today. I had a guy here with me and he popped it back in five times."

Daly's rib injury dates back to the Honda Classic last March when he was disturbed on his back swing by a spectator trying to take a photograph.

"A woman took a picture and I came down and separated my shoulder and fractured my rib," the 1995 British Open champion said. "I tried to play through it all last year and had to withdraw from tournaments because it kept popping out.

Speaking of that, Craig Dolch files a devastating blog post regarding Long John's potential lawsuit against the Honda Classic over his injury:
Why would John sue a tournament where most of the profits go to a children’s charity run in part by the Jack Nicklaus family?

One look at Daly’s golf bag may show why: There are no logos of an equipment company on his bag. Daly, who has the talent and the charisma to be one of the high-paid endorsees on the PGA Tour, is once again without a company.

So maybe that’s why he’s willing to gamble by possibly suing a tournament that gave him a sponsor exemption — Daly actually has asked for another sponsor exemption from Honda for this year!

Honda Classic tournament director Ken Kennerly has tried to remain low-key, saying he can’t comment on a lawsuit that hasn’t been filed. But when the Golf Channel reported last week that Daly has decided to file the lawsuit, other tournament directors took notice.

One, who didn’t want his name used, said as much as a draw Daly is with fans, there’s a limit to what you will put up with. “If I give him a sponsor exemption,” the director said, “should I make him sign a contract where he agrees not to sue me?”