Golfweek Considering Sensitivity Training...For Bad Cover Design**

I wonder how those different fonts of SORRY looked on the preview boards? Jerry Potter reports:

Jeff Babineau, newly appointed editor of Golfweek magazine, has a simple task this week.

"We're going to say we're sorry," said Babineau, appointed editor of the magazine Friday. "We know we've offended a lot of people. We want to apologize."

Babineau sidestepped comment when asked Sunday if the magazine's advertisers threatened to cancel advertising.

"That's not my side (of the magazine)," he said.
Here's a newsflash from the city:
Babineau said Golfweek would continue to cover the Tour, adding it would not "shy away" from controversy. However, he added the magazine would have to do better work to regain the public's trust.
And this is disturbing considering that this cover was Seanor's idea and he ran with it:
He said management was studying the issue of diversity and sensitivity training for his staff.