"That the tour is looking into Daly's week at the Hope is a good sign."

Thanks to reader Taylor for noticing Larry Bohannan's story on John Daly's "lost weekend" in the desert, which raises some tough questions about Daly's future both in this game and sadly, on this planet.

And he seems to be losing whatever battle he's putting up against his excesses. Alcohol, food, cigarettes and partying are all evident. Maggie Downs, a Desert Sun reporter who doesn't really know all the back story on John, just what she was seeing last week as she covered the Hope's celebrity parties, reported on her blog that Daly told her to write that he wasn't drinking at one party as he was knocking back a shot of something alcoholic.

Let's just say I trust Maggie to tell the facts more than I'd trust Daly right now.

This goes well beyond the idea that Daly pulled out of a tournament. This is about a life that many observers believe is in danger. A 41-year-old, 300-pound man who drinks and smokes and eats to excess is in danger of a massive heart attack or stroke.

Forget that he is one of the most physically talented players in the world, when he's focused and wants to play. This is a man who seems unable to control his worst characteristics. Those who have known Daly and have been around him believe he is headed down the road to a sad end.

For all the hushed whispers and huddled meetings about Daly by PGA Tour officials in the last week, the tour might not be able to do much for Daly, because he doesn't really work for the tour. Tour players are independent contractors.

That the tour is looking into Daly's week at the Hope is a good sign.