Drug Policy Meetings Flash: Players Realize They Better Give Up The Reefer And Vick's Vapor Inhalers

Doug Ferguson reports on last week's player meetings on the new drug policy:

"I was caught off guard," Jim Furyk said. "I thought everyone was pro-testing. What I drew out of the meeting was that a few guys aren't. Not a few. Let's say more guys had negative opinions."

Lickliter doesn't understand why the tour adopted WADA guidelines for golf, noting that Vick's Vapor Inhaler is prohibited.

"If I use Vick's nasal spray three times, they can kick me off the tour forever," Lickliter said. "Now, do you think Vick's nasal spray is helping me compete out here? Half the stuff they're testing for doesn't help golfers. These so-called experts are not experts in golf."

Furyk told of a player who confided having a disorder that required drug treatment. Requesting a TUE for the drug means letting his secret out.
Sheesh...it's not like they'll be posting these "TUE's" in the locker room, right?
Tim Herron wonders if Danny Edwards' failed attempt to start a players' union 10 years ago was ahead of its time.
Love how you just slipped that in, Doug!
For many, it was the thought of a positive test for something not intended to help them lower their score, even if no one has been able to identify a drug that will do that.

"I don't think anyone on tour is in the business of trying to find something to enhance performance," Jeff Maggert said.
Oh dear lord. Obviously he hasn't bought a Medicus.
"Maybe there is, and I'm naive. There's a bigger chance of someone getting tested positive who has absolutely no intent of trying to break the rules. The downside outweighs the upside by 1,000-to-1. The downside is just terrible."


For the millionth time guys, you can't have it both ways. You can't tell us you're better athletes and working out to hit it longer and then claim performance enhancing drugs are out of the question. Okay, I'll stop bringing that up...this week.