"I absolutely just spend hours, you know, just looking at plans and thinking and creating."

Tiger dodged some truly dreadful questions when the scribes convened in rustic Dubai. Thankfully, talk did veer into the course design category...

Just having so much fun with the one in High Carolina and the one here. It's been eye-opening for the detail that goes into it. I didn't really realise that, but I've also loved it, too. I absolutely just spend hours, you know, just looking at plans and thinking and creating and then that to me is fun, trying to give the developers what they want. That's my responsibility, and hopefully I can do that and deliver that.
Okay, who's going to break the news to him that you can't design a great course on paper? It's like saying you sit inside and spend hours looking at tape and creating the ideal swing in your mind.
Q. You've already touched on your golf design business interests. Can you tell us is there one hole in the world of golf that's your favourite hole, and why, and are you planning to incorporate that into the design?

TIGER WOODS: There's no one hole, no. You know, my favourite golf course is St. Andrews. Obviously it's the home of golf and the history behind it; that golf course, the nuances and the intricacies behind it and understanding how to manage your way around that golf course, that's fun.

The different wind conditions, I just think that's just a lot more cerebral than people think of how to manage your game around that golf course. I enjoy that type of golf.
Q. To pick out one hole at St. Andrews --

TIGER WOODS: There isn't one. I like them all. The only weird tee shot is obviously 17 because it doesn't fit the golf course because there's no other hole that you play that way, but that's about it.

Guess we can scratch a blind tee shot over faux railway sheds off the list.