Boo Writing His First Book, Needs Publisher!

Just think of the Walmart sales alone, publishers.

And no, he's not writing it himself, someone is writing it with him, but at least Boo is upfront about it. From today's media session at Sherwood (that's really my nice way of not mentioning the sponsor's name), after talking about which story Jay Leno asked him about on the Tonight Show:

Q. Did you know that the portable bathroom story was going to get asked about?

BOO WEEKLEY: There was a couple different stories that he wanted to know, and I didn't know which one that he was going to bring out. So that was the one he picked.

Q. And you had no problem telling the whole thing?

BOO WEEKLEY: It was a true story, why should I have a problem?

Q. (No microphone).

BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah, that will be coming out soon, though. It will be out later, a couple months.

Q. (Regarding writing a book).

BOO WEEKLEY: I think his name's Paul Brown out of Jackson, Mississippi. We are working on one right now. We are trying to find a publisher that might be interested in it. You know, going to be a lot of different things going on.

Q. What's the working title?

BOO WEEKLEY: Don't know yet. He's coming up with all that. We just trying to start out -- we are trying to start it out and just trying to -- of how I got into golf, you know, and what my past has been like and the things that I've come about and the thing that I've overcome, just different things like that. It's just mostly about golf, right now until we find a publisher and then I started throwing some other stuff in there.

Q. Such as?
BOO WEEKLEY: (Smiling, devilish laugh.)