Greetings From Los Angeles, Mop-Up Edition

greetingsfromLA.jpegI'm still working on that 10th hole analysis (I know, you can't wait) but in the meantime, there were a few fun items worth noting about Sunday's Northern Trust Open.

Chris Lewis puts Phil Mickelson's win in perspective and also wonders about the hand placement during Amy's.philandamy_2.jpg

Bob Smiley recounts the hilarious exchange between Jim Nantz and Northern Trust CEO Rick Waddell.

John Strege's Golf World game story is also posted already.

And finally, Peter Yoon in the LA Times and Larry Dorman in the New York Times profile Phyllis Wade, who worked her 60th straight Los Angeles Open and who I've gotten to know thanks to her diligent work copying and clipping every article written about the event. Every year I get a nice envelope full of all the clippings.

17volunteer.1.190.jpgMy favorite moment of the week came Sunday morning when a Golf Channel pre-game show ran a feature on Phyllis. The press room got quiet and 30 or so people were glued, and when the feature ended a huge ovation broke out.