"Tim's trying to protect our image, but he's putting our image at risk."

The tour media gurus exposed Tim Finchem to some brand building exercises at just the right time: he's got some popularity issues.

Check out the pattern developing over just the last week.

First there was John Hawkins's reference to Finchem's growing unpopularity, then Doug Ferguson's piece on the state of the WGC's and now, depending on how credible you find him, Paul Azinger's criticism in a Michael Bamberger authored item for SI Golf Plus.

After talking about how degrading it is for players to drop their trousers and pee in a cup (because after all, it's such a fun job for the test observer), Azinger says that he's not bothered by Finchem's salary and control of the policy board, but it sure sounds like he is.

Azinger's not feeling the love, or the solidarity. "Tim answers to his board," he says. "We answer to our money list."

Azinger's bold. But not a revolutionary. Not for now. He wants to use his boldness first to secure an American victory in the Ryder Cup, crown jewel of the PGA of America. Along the way, Captain Paul is looking for every possible edge and advantage he can find. Legal ones only, of course.