SI Scraps Last Supper Master Preview Cover Idea Out Of Respect For Golfweek's Noose Cover

f87106a026bcaac500a6864709ec7978_actorsaccess.jpgAfter all, there really is no competition at this point for lamest cover of 2008, is there?

Seriously, it seems the borderline creepy broke the news that SI was kicking around the idea of some sort of Masters preview cover involving a "Last Supper" homage. SportsbyBrooks has the document in question. Of course, it's all moot because SI Editor Terry McDonell denied it. Sort of.

Published reports indicating that Sports Illustrated is considering a cover or any visual treatment referencing Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper" for its Masters preview or any other issue of the magazine are totally inaccurate.

A related concept tied to the magazine's 50th Anniversary cover, which depicted sports greats as Leonardo might have painted them, was discussed among a small number of editors without my knowledge. The casting call in question was a mistake and should not have been posted. — Terry McDonell, Editor, Sports Illustrated Group

So the casting call was a prank?  

I find it odd that SI even acknowledged the report.