Maybe He Picked The Wrong Week To Give Up Playing Golf: Feherty Recuperating From Serious Bike Accident

350066.binDoug Ferguson reports on David Feherty's most severe biking accident yet, which includes a punctured lung and three broken ribs. Thankfully, he's in good spirits and is planning to return in time for the Masters.

In case you missed it, Feherty has given up drinking and golf for his new passion of cycling. He talks about the drinking part here in this Connell Barrett piece, recently chatted with Jeff Rude about the tendency of motorists to hit cyclists, and was featured in this Cam Cole story talking about his beloved bike.

Now, I don't care if you never pray. This is the time to get down on your knees. Send every good thought you can David's way. He must enjoy a speedy recover in time for the Masters.

Why, you say?

I have two words: Bobby Clampett.