"There went $200."

Just how powerful is Tiger? He can distract an online poker player.

From the comments under Steve Elling's story recapping Sunday's final round, a reader named lelandjr posts:

OK. Just how 'wow' was that last birdie! I was sitting at my computer playing online poker and foolishly going all in on a pair of cowboys and was so sure that I would low. Then I look up as El Tigre's putt rolled ever so nonchalantly back towards the hole and I bent over waiting, waiting just to see what it would do. Of course, as always at these big moments, the Golf Zen Master himself soundly rolled the putt over twenty feet into the hole. And then... he gave a resounding celebration, which was well deserved after the comeback he staged this weekend. Anyway, while I was busy watching El Tigre, I thought I had went all in when in fact I still had 30 chips left. Of course my opponent raised me all in and while I wasn't paying attention, I was forced to fold (for taking too much time) and lost. There went $200. So this much I know, don't watch Tiger play golf while playing poker for money... Incredible tournament.