Faldo: "The guys are really twitched up about it right now"

Poor Captain Faldo, so many players, so few picks. John Huggan weighs Faldo's options and sees Casey-Poulter with Darren Clarke stepping into a spot if either qualifies on points. 

Steve Elling talks to Faldo about where things stand:

Every panicky player with a shot at making the team, with one notable exception, is playing this week in either New Jersey or Holland.
"The guys are really twitched up about it right now," Faldo said after finishing his commentary work for the Golf Channel on Friday. "The amazing thing, now I've got Darren Clarke leading.
"Crumps, I've got probably six names, unless they can jump in -- which would obviously be the best way to make the team -- but I could have four or five players outside playing well and it looks like I have to make a blooming decision."
Randell Mell sums up the most important point from a media perspective. The thought of Monty not making the team is "flat-out depressing."