Phelps To Portugal, Country Milking His Visit

This arrived in my email box today. Somehow I doubt is what Michael Phelps had in mind when he booked this trip online:

Michael Phelps left the Beijing Olympics with a record eight gold medals adding to a career tally of 14 – so where is the golden athlete heading next?
The 23-year-old American swimmer is on route with some friends to a golfing vacation in Portugal's Algarve region. He will relax at Hotel Hilton Vilamoura As Cascatas Resort & Spa, and enjoy some of the best golf in the world, up to par for one of the world's best swimmers.
More than half of the golf courses in Portugal are within the Algarve Region on the southernmost tip of the country. Currently there are 30 courses, a number which will soon double with new courses underway.
Golf is a year 'round sport in Portugal, making the country a gathering place for golf aficionados and some of Europe's most interesting courses. Many of the courses in the country were designed by the best golf architects to capitalize on some breath-taking views and to fit with natural surroundings. They also come in a variety of difficulty levels.

The Algarve courses have gained an international reputations, helped along by the region's mild climate and varied geography. Players tee off surrounded by red cliffs or dramatic sea coasts, and there's a course to fit all levels. Resorts in the area, sport luxury clubhouses, manicured greens and flawless fairways, all are open to visitors.

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