Ogilvy Win Upstaged By Mark Rolfing's Declaration Of Undying Love For All Things Hawaii

It only went overboard when the Golf Channel/NBC announcer gave those big props to the 50 spectators braving Sunday morning's rain and those frigid temps in the low 70s.

But at the conclusion of Geoff Ogilvy's impressive six-shot win, Rolfing noted that besides all of the week's great shots and relentless plugs for the great state of Hawaii, other highlights were those witty Boo Weekley interviews. I did catch one Friday where Rich Lerner teed Boo up by asking if he would be eating sushi for dinner (thankfully, for the sake of the poor folks in the PGA Tour Fines and Suspensions-We-Won't-Talk-Publicly-About Department still saddled with John Daly paperwork, Boo didn't touch it).

However, a reader sent in this note regarding Saturday's interview:

So last night I'm watching the Boo interview live from Kapalua and as usual the announcers are baiting him for redneckese. He obliges with hunting humor and the like. Then Lerner goes too far and asks him about his upcoming appearance at Qatar. Something along the lines of, has anybody prepped you about the culture over there. Boo's answer was "All I know is I don't have to wear one of them turbans". Awkward silence, then interview over. They replayed the broadcast and had Boo's interview up until that question (went to commercial before).

Wow, something controversial emanating from a Kapalua broadcast position? Can't be!