This Must Be An Oversight...

...because in orchestrating a Robert Allenby apology for Anthony Kim, the PGA Tour did not see fit to have Allenby also apologize to John Daly after Allenby reportedly labeled Kim "the new Daly."

Maybe they're just working on that release and it's forthcoming?

Either way, Daly is taking it okay. Must be the white blood cells working their magic:

But confirming his return to Australia this summer after using stem cell procedures to hasten his recovery from a rib injury, Daly yesterday declined to criticise Allenby.

''I heard a little bit about that,'' Daly said. ''If he's calling Anthony Kim a Daly, at least - who won that match? I think that's all that matters. And who won it all? The US? I'm not gonna bust Robert that bad. A lot of players have said things in the heat of the moment.''

Or had them taken out of context!