"Bethpage Black an ideal venue for Ryder Cup"

Mark Herrmann believes the Black course would make a great Ryder Cup venue and gets no major disagreement from the PGA.

Long Islanders should not hold their breath, or make sure they take a really deep breath. The next time the Ryder Cup - the biennial competition between the United States and Europe - has an opening on U.S. soil is 2024. And there are other huge hurdles, such as navigating the sensitive terrain between the U.S. Golf Association, which holds the U.S. Open, and the PGA of America (not to be confused with the PGA Tour).

The topic was raised, though, by U.S. Ryder Cup veterans Phil Mickelson and David Duval, who were buoyed by the crowds at the Open. Both said the Black would be a natural for the international electricity. Mickelson called it "an ideal spot" and Duval said, "Now that would be a heck of an idea."

I can't think of a worse venue than Bethpage. The fans are obnoxious to Americans, how would they treat the European squad?