"I don't know nothing about the history of golf"

Mike Aitken adds to the Boo-Weekley-should-not-talk-golf files. Reporting from the Scottish Open:

In the course of conversation, Weekley asked the Aberdonian if he was playing in the following week's major. "I kind of put my foot in my mouth there," recalled the man named after Yogi Bear's sidekick.

This week the American was sitting beside Sandy Lyle in the players' lounge – the only Scot ever to win at Augusta – and was surprised to learn he was a past Masters' champion.

"I don't know nothing about the history of golf," confessed the game's favourite country bumpkin. "I was sitting in there yesterday with Sandy Lyle and never even knew he won the Masters (in 1988]. Seriously, I don't keep up with golf."