"We’re not sure whether she crushes the grapes with her feet or wedges, or melts them out of their skins with her icy stares."

Before we get to that gem, Jim Achenbach is tired of the Brand Lady resignation talk.

Still, this Bivens bashing is a raw deal. With the LPGA caught in the crunch of a severe commercial downturn that has handcuffed most current or potential tournament sponsors, this is not the time to publicly undress Bivens. The bad judgment of the LPGA players who requested her resignation was exceeded only by their bad timing.

His Golfweek colleague Jim McCabe wasn't so forgiving, particularly after Cristie Kerr's refusal to speak...except that winemaking.

Winemaking? The sour one herself makes sweet nectar? Shock of shocks, sort of like finding out that John Daly is really a pate and sparkling water guy.

We’re not sure whether she crushes the grapes with her feet or wedges, or melts them out of their skins with her icy stares. Nor do we know whether she prefers white or under-par red, but this is an intriguing development in golf. It brings to 1,639 the number of players who are now making their own wine.

Bob Lentz talks to Lorena Ochoa about the situation and previews the Open.

Steve Elling features several interesting remarks from Dottie Pepper including this:

At the moment, Bivens is not predisposed to be deposed, though most believe it's an inevitability.

"I think it's now a matter of when [Bivens is ousted]," said Dottie Pepper, a longtime LPGA star and now an analyst for multiple broadcast networks. "This is pretty much the ultimate vote of no-confidence. Frankly, something needs to be done."

He also buries this intriguing item:

As bad as Bivens' moves have backfired, the players deserve huge catcalls for failing to speak up about their role in the insurrection -- although it should be noted that the LPGA is exerting pressure to silence the criticism.

A highly placed industry source said Wednesday that rising star Tseng was given written notice from the tour before her Tuesday press session, asking that she not answer questions about Bivens' status.

I wonder how that notice worked? Probably something simple, flowery and on a lawyer's stationery.

Speaking of Pepper, she penned these Open preview thoughts. I particularly liked her nominations of Salem CC and Pasatiempo as possible future venues. Not so sure about the Oak Hill nod.