“We are right-sizing our hospitality for the current environment"

Leslie Wayne pens a New York Times business story on the new low-key approach to corporate hospitality, using the recent U.S. Open at Bethpage as a barometer. More importantly, you know nothing makes me happier than to pick up some new MBA jargon.

Joseph L. Goode, a spokesman for Bank of America, said that the bank decided to operate almost anonymously at the U.S. Open because it was sharing a suite with other companies, rather than pitching a tent of its own.

“Symbolism matters,” Mr. Goode said, adding that the bank’s decision not to promote its brand at the tournament was deliberate. “We are right-sizing our hospitality for the current environment and tone and mood of the country, with fewer bells and whistles.”

Right-sizing. Got that Ponte Vedra? Ah heck, they probably picked that up from you.