"What was up with Steve Williams coming off the 13th tee yesterday?"

I haven't seen anything in the first round of stories about some of the possible gamesmanship and perhaps tension that was part of the Tiger Woods-Y.E. Yang.  Several readers have posted or emailed about this incident on the 13th, including reader Cam:

What was up with Steve Williams coming off the 13th tee yesterday? He was wagging his finger and really speaking his mind to somebody. I couldn't tell if he was trying to pump up Tiger after a good tee shot on the par 3 or was getting on Yang's for some percieved lapse in etiquette.

Anyone know who Stevie was upset with? After all, it's so out of character for him.

There were other awkward moments.

  • On 15 green, Tiger stood in an odd spot between Yang's line and the greenside bunker, prompting CBS's Ian Baker Finch to note the obvious gamesmanship on Tiger's part.
  • After putting out for par, Yang rudely tossed his ball into the grandstand from the green, causing a stir before Tiger's birdie putt. Intentional shot back at Tiger? Me thinks so.
  • On 16 green Yang opted to putt out even though his ball was in Tiger's line, and Tiger was visibly not pleased after walking to the ball and then turning back to his waiting spot.
  • After putting out on 18, several of Stevie's beloved bib stripping fans have emailed to note that he did not shake Yang's hand. Now, the moment was a bit wild and Yang was celebrating. Williams may have congratulated him back by the scorers tent. Hard to really say it was an intentional slight.

Hopefully some of the weeklies will touch on what looked like a bit of tension out there.