In The Mood For Merion?

Walker Cup play starts Saturday and there are plenty of stories to get you excited.

Ron Balicki says Merion is making quite the impression, with the rough apparently way up. Oh joy.

Joe Logan writes about the resurrection of the course in recent years and the story is accompanied by an astounding Steven Szurlej image (and it's not from behind a green!).

Golf Club Atlas features an interview with Captain Buddy Marucci about his home course and you won't really glean much since he sounds like he was in a cranky mood or speaking in a foreign tongue, requiring translation. But the photos are great.

Asher Wildman on the GB&I team praying for wind. Meanwhile, here's a video looking at the GB&I team. Subtitles would have been nice.

Sean Martin catches up with a 2007 Walker Cup hero who will be watching this weekend while he plays a Hooters Tour event.

Eric Soderstrom reveals some of the gear that the U.S. team has been supplied with.

4. Each player also received five Walker Cup cashmere sweaters, among all the other uniform staples (shirts, shorts, pants, rain gear, hats, golf bag, etc.)

3. Then there were the two pairs of golf shoes.

2. Socks.

1. And (drumroll, please) Polo boxer shorts with stitched-in Walker Cup logos.

And just in case you were wondering about TV times, here they are. GC from 4-6 EST both Saturday and Sunday.