Report: Tiger In Mississippi Rehab: Report

Did I mention that was a report?

Seems I was a day early in suggesting publications would pick up the Tiger-in-Mississippi-sex-rehab story after a New York Times magazine writer reported it on his blog. 584 entries calling his blog post a "report" as of this Google search.

You know it was a report?

But if Tiger isn't there, he has no one to blame but himself for going into hiding and expecting the world to lose interest, only to be relying on oddball accounts to determine where he's hanging out.

Speaking of the clinic in question, Deadspin posted this gallery of images. Looks like a lot of fun.

On the good news front, Tiger will never become part of American legal precedent after a judge laughed off David Letterman's blackmailer and his attempt to claim he was no different than a Tiger mistress in asking for hush money.

And even better news, no one will ever remember the Tiger reenactment videos after this epic on Jay, Conan and Jeff Zucker: