Nantz Says Buy, Buy, Buy Golf

Jay Posner spoke to Jim Nantz who clearly didn't get the CBS memo about no Tiger talk. Or, CBS brass realized he's one of the few members of the golf team who can communicate without saying something that will require an apology later?

Speaking by phone from an airport in Houston, where he had a layover yesterday en route to San Diego, Nantz said if the PGA Tour offered stock, he’d be buying.

“Everybody’s trying to sell off pro golf, the PGA Tour,” Nantz said. “I’m buying stock right now. And I don’t have anybody putting me up to say that. I’m saying that as someone who I think has a better knowledge of the inside workings of golf and the players and the competition and how it works.

“I’ll take my opinion over some general columnist who doesn’t follow golf but once or twice a year and reduces the game to one player. I think it’s going to be a good time (for golf). I understand there’s going to be a hiccup on the business side of it, but I think golf will be fine. Better than fine.”