"I thought I was going to be fine, but I got the first question thrown at me and I was trying to think."

I'm a little behind in my reading and just got to Jason Sobel's engaging Q&A with Hunter Mahan about the Ryder Cup and his post-round emotions.

Q: You're not usually a very outwardly emotional guy. How did it feel to display your emotions like that in public?

A: That's what the Ryder Cup does. It brings a lot out of you that you maybe didn't have before. It's either win or lose. You know, there's no in between. There's no, "Oh, I played well and finished fifth." It's just so much more definitive. Everybody feels it -- Jim Furyk, Stewart Cink. The European team, how much emotion they have. It just brings something out of you that you don't even realize. It grabs ahold of you because it's different than any other tournament. You're playing with a team and cheering on other guys that you usually play against. It's a whole different animal, but it's one of the most amazing tournaments there is.