"If Gallacher has popped off like this to Phil Mickelson or Tiger Woods, what would have happened next?"

Steve Elling gets a statement out of BBC on Bernard Gallacher injecting himself into Jeff Overton's Ryder Cup match, and pretty much picks it apart.

Among other remarks, he called Overton a "typical American" for not knowing the rules, prompting Ron Overton to confront Gallacher as a means of defending his son. The two engaged in a heated debate. Afterward, Gallacher continued to defend his decision to browbeat the American player and refused to apologize.

Said the BBC in a formal statement:

"During a tense conclusion to the Ryder Cup, highly respected former Ryder Cup player and captain Bernard Gallacher, spoke to American player Jeff Overton and his father regarding a referee ruling. The comment was made off air and didn't interfere with play or the referee's ruling, no offense was intended or taken."