"It's disgusting, and I'm pissed off."

It's hard to imagine that all of the animosity directed at golf in San Francisco is not somehow to blame for the recent vandalism incidents at sweet, harmless Golden Gate Park, a gem of a par-3 course that should not be blamed for whatever ills the extremist environmentalists think Sharp Park brings to our planet.

At least one four-wheeled vehicle ran over and severely damaged holes six, seven and eight the night of Sept. 30. The same holes were hit again on Monday night, said Phil Ginsburg, general manager of the Recreation and Park Department. The damage was so severe that "it looked like they literally set off a bomb," said the course's gardener, Joe Faulkner.

"The folks were brazen enough to leave orange cones indicating they were taking off-road racing quite passionately," Ginsburg said. "It's disgusting, and I'm pissed off."