"I know, I lost most of you after 'Zeus.'"

We knew David Feherty was "sick and angry" over the media's Tiger Woods coverage, but now he fleshes his ideas out in his latest Golf Magazine column.

That being said, I've been trying to think of an equivalent example of the grim, ghastly, gleeful, and positively gloat-ridden coverage of a prominent public figure's fall from grace. So far, I've come up empty. By comparison, Bill Clinton got off with a slap on the trouser-trout, and he was in charge of the free world! I guarantee you, the only thing Tiger Woods is in charge of right now is a border collie named Taz. Kobe Bryant blinged his way to the land of forgive-and-forgetfulness, Michael Vick is playing football, yet Tiger's crucifixion continues, hoisted up and stabbed daily by the TMZ-US and People magazine culture that needs to know every detail about every transgression committed by every person who has a public side to their life. I hate it, and I'm glad the bastards haven't found out about me.

Actually they have, and you were appropriately roasted and subjected to a credibility hit. Perhaps that's why you're so angry over this?

You'd think for a guy who farted into an open microphone on live television that led to Tiger being falsely accused of crude behavior, that he might leave it there. Or for a guy whose last Tweet said "Blow me", that he might just want be crying out for something? Attention?

As painful as it is, do read how the rest of Feherty's column and its mess of mythological metaphors.

Or, if you want to read an infinitely less hysterical take on a similar subject, check out Gary Van Sickle's column at golf.com.