"Wie has certainly had her share of rules issues since she started playing out on the LPGA Tour.  Most have been her fault." **

Thanks to tweets by awestruck viewers, I was able to catch some of the bizarre scene when Michelle Wie was in the TV truck discussing a ruling that cost her two shots and solo second at La Costa, five shots behind winner Hee Kyung Seo.

There wasn't much coverage online when I looked (and no video on YouTube yet either), but naturally John Vander Borght was all over many elements of the weird scene at Free Drop, including the pecularity (but great TV!) of Golf Channel offering live coverage of Wie's spirited defense of her attempt to save her Nike white skirt from an unfortunate rendezvous with mud.

I also believe it was wrong for the LPGA to allow the Golf Channel to broadcast from the trailer.  These kind of things should be conducted in private, not with the entire world looking on.   Wie did a good job of arguing her point, but it seemed the official had his mind made up and wasn’t about to give in to her.  She handled it all with dignity and class.

I think she should have asked for the entire Rules Committee to make the ruling, not just the official who made the original ruling.  That would be within her rights.

The ruling cost her nearly $90,000.