"Seems like now, more than ever, it was a slap to Accenture."

Slowly but surely the golf media realizes it was duped by Tiger Woods and Tim Finchem into believing that the timing of his statement-reading was inflexible. From this week's SI Confidential:

Gorant: Funny how this thing goes up and down. After the apology everyone was sure he wouldn't be back for the Masters. Now he's hitting balls, and everyone's convinced he'll play. Obviously, I have no idea, but it sure feels like he's pointing toward Augusta.

Van Sickle: Remember how Tiger was accused of being selfish for holding his press conference during the Match Play, and then Finchem's letter said it had to be that week because of a rehab break? But a week and a half later, he's apparently done with rehab, back home and hitting golf balls. Seems like now, more than ever, it was a slap to Accenture. Why not wait another 10 days and read the statement this week?

Gorant: Only thing I could possibly offer in his defense is that he might have been at the point in rehab where he has to apologize to those he's hurt. It's possible he couldn't move to the next step until he'd completed that one. Most of that comes from the extensive knowledge of 12-step programs that I've gained watching TV dramas over the years.

Morfit: Yeah, I'm still very unclear on what in the world is going on with Woods, why he still has the same "team" in place, why they have apparently learned nothing throughout this whole thing. They're smart people, or so I thought. It's very strange decision-making all the way around.