Tiger's Handlers Have Had It!? The Nickelback Concert? Really?

Rob Shuter says his sources inside Tiger's handling team are fed up that Woods took in a Nickelback concert while he's trying to repair his marriage. Of course, they aren't truly bothered about the act of the concert attendance, but the appearance of Tiger going without his wife. 

"Everyone around team Tiger has been working 24/7 to regain control of his image. Everything from carefully releasing pictures of him jogging to staging a press conference for his return to playing golf. No detail was too small to be overlooked," an insider tells me. "Then after all that work and planning, Tiger decides that he must attend a concert by his favorite band and dance backstage while his wife is away. It's a disaster."

Actually, all the work and planning was the disaster. A guy going to a concert while his wife and kids are out of town is not a disaster! In fact, I find it refreshing that he's trying to get out instead of holing up in his house.

So where does Woods stand with his crew, who have been brought on to restore his once-flawless public image?

"Everyone is at the point of giving up trying to help him," my source says.

Wow, maybe there's hope for Tiger's future after all!