Jim McLean To World: "I'm still here."

Unfortunately for instructor Jim McLean, this wasn't satire but instead a pathetic attempt to generate publicity off the back of a fellow instructor's misery. Just to be clear, this is real. (I wish I were talented enough to make this up!)

Over the past few weeks, there has been speculation that Tiger Woods is unsatisfied with current swing coach Hank Haney. In a statement released earlier today, Jim McLean had this to say: "I've been contacted by several people very close to Tiger Woods in regards to becoming his personal swing coach. I'm not interested in the position and I'm not considering it for the future."

So glad we got that clarified because there had been so many names mentioned as a possible Tiger instructor and Jim McLean was never one of them!

As hilarious as that non-confirmation confirmation of McLean's anonymity, the release includes this kicker from some anonymous soul:

You heard it hear first. The statement from Jim speaks for itself. Until next time...

It does speak for itself. Especially the the part about hear.