Feherty: Monty Has Filed An Injunction To Keep "Story out of the newspapers"

Josh Hart reports the remarks made by CBS golf announcer David Feherty on Dan Patrick's radio show. You can listen the interview here.

Feherty, a golf commentator for CBS Sports added: "Apparently there's been an injunction filed to keep this story out of the newspapers."  

Host Dan Patrick, who seemed to know more, but wanted to say less, did add: "There are pictures..." and then began to talk about Monty's earlier divorce.

Brooks has more, saying that it involves photos and would explain a curious recent question from the Daily Mail about Monty quitting as captain.

That court fight allegedly involves embarrassing photos of Montgomerie obtained by the U.K. tabloid. In order to block the supposed photos from being published by NOTW, Montgomerie has allegedly obtained an injunction from London’s high court.