"He got upset, and his eyes were a little odd"

Dave Shedloski adds these unflattering details of Jim Gray's Thursday meltdown.

Gray confronted Pavin immediately following the press conference and not only angrily wagged a finger in the captain's face, but also put his hand in the face of Pavin's wife, Lisa. Pavin grabbed Gray's wrist and moved it away. Said Pavin: "He got upset, and his eyes were a little odd, and he put his hand in front of my wife, Lisa, and I just took his hand and moved it away and said, 'That's my wife. You keep your hand away from her.' He got a little crazy."

Pavin stood his ground mostly with his arms crossed as the two men stood nose to nose for nearly five minutes before Gray left the media center. Pavin met with about a dozen reporters after a cooling off period in the PGA of America reception area, and he tried to further clarify his exchange with Gray and how his words might have been misconstrued.