Golf Digest Scooped: Butch's Guide To Tiger's Gamesmanship Techniques (And How They Can Help You Psych-Out Your Hated Rivals)

In an ideal world, Butch Harmon's keys to understanding Tiger's best gamesmanship ploys would have made such great reading in the pages of Digest. Instead, Steve Elling shares Tiger's keys and how learning about them has allowed Phil Mickelson to play better when paired with Woods, as was the case again Sunday at Cog Hill.

"Now when he and Bones [caddie Jim Mackay] see him doing it, they laugh about it," Harmon said.

This spring at the Players Championship, Harmon detailed four examples of Woods' slick tricks to A few tricks of the trade, Tiger style:

• Before large galleries, when on the green, Woods will often putt out first. That means the crowd moves to the next tee while the other player is still finishing the hole, creating an annoying distraction. That ploy wouldn't have worked very well Sunday. Mickelson kept making putts from everywhere.

• Woods likes to lag back and get to the tee box second, so that the crowd screams loudest, and last, for him.

• Harmon said Woods intentionally walks quickly when playing with slow players and slowly when playing with fast competitors. Most people would never notice.

• Harmon said Woods sometimes hits 3-wood off the tee on driver holes, just to make the other player have to stand around for a few minutes. "You have your momentum and adrenaline going, and he slows down and makes you wait," the coach said.