Prescription Sleep-Aid Consortium Convenes Emergency Meetings After Golf Channel's Announcer-lite Telecast

Just kidding!

I didn't watch the entire telecast because a nap was indeed induced (thanks GC!), however after a very slow start I found the announcer-lite telecast quite enjoyable.

Play featured none of the usual announce chatter and for the most part was not missed. Jerry Foltz and Curt Byrum jumped in at select times with just enough commentary to keep us aware of what was happening, a nice contrast to the annoying instruction and interview scenes. But the real star of the show was Hunter Haas, saddled with a wireless mike.

Golf Channel wisely featured him prominently both live and in a tape package that made for great entertainment, highlighted by a wild assortment of self-deprecating comments including my favorite after missing a putt: "padding those putting stats."

You can relive the day, Foltz's Tweets and many viewer comments here.

A few quibbles:

-Just a moment ago came in the form of graphics instead of a live voice. I guess it beat hearing Mark Rolfing saying it.

- We still weren't exempted from the inevitable corporate drone interview. And it was early in the telecast. Oy!

- We learned that one benefit of the NBC-Golf Channel merger could come in the form of new boom mikes.  Golf Channel staffers had to get so close to the players that they were constantly in shots. That would go over real well on the PGA Tour, especially when they were standing on the wrong side of the ball. I know, I know, we're talking about former standard-bearers brought out of retirement for $25 a day, but still, this will need work if they ever get the PGA Tour's finest to cooperate.

So, if you watched, what did you think?