George H.W. Bush In The World Golf Hall Of Fame?

Ernie Els is in (great, another active player), Doug Ford (long overdue), Jock Hutchison (eh) and President George H.W. Bush?

Els was elected with 66% of the vote on the PGA TOUR Ballot (complete results listed below). Ford and Hutchison were selected in the Veterans Category and President Bush in the Lifetime Achievement Category.  

PGA TOUR Commissioner Tim Finchem, who was on hand for today’s announcement at East Lake Golf Club where THE TOUR Championship presented by Coca-Cola begins tomorrow, said: “Each of the inductees richly deserves of this honor and on behalf of the World Golf Foundation Board, I look forward to welcoming them into the Hall of Fame next May.

“Ernie has compiled an extraordinarily successful international career and continues to compete at the highest level. It’s terrific that Doug Ford and Jock Hutchison’s careers will be highlighted in this way as both enjoyed great success in their professional careers. And, President Bush has been and continues to be a great friend to the game of golf; he’s a terrific addition to the Hall.”

 No, actually he's not:

President Bush helped raise the profile of the sport of golf considerably during and post his Presidential administration. He has been recognized by the golf community over the years, including receiving the 1997 PGA of America Distinguished Service Award, the USGA’s 2008 Bob Jones Award and the 2009 PGA TOUR Lifetime Achievement Award. In 1996, President Bush served as honorary chairman of The Presidents Cup and has since attended every Presidents Cup. He is an honorary member of the PGA, honorary chair of the USGA Museum and Archives President’s council and has served as honorary chairman of The First Tee since 1997.  

“I am deeply honored to be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame,” President Bush said.  “I would like to thank PGA TOUR Commissioner Tim Finchem and the World Golf Foundation Board of Directors for everything they do to support the traditions of golf. I wish everyone gathered here today all the best.”

So winning awards, attending Presidents Cups and returning Tim Finchem's phone calls gets you in the Hall of Fame now? I guess that means Bill Clinton will be inducted soon, too?

A search of Mr. Bush's Wikipedia page did not turn up one mention of golf! (I'm sure someone at the Hall is now rushing to add the induction sympathies.)

What a blow for the Hall's credibility.